Why Choose Us?

Excellent knowledge of the UK education system

Effective degree selection is a task which will require a broad knowledge of different degrees being offered by different universities.  It is necessary to understand what the degrees being offered to you entail.  A good knowledge of the UK education system and business schools  is crucial in ensuring that you enroll into the right degree from the best possible university given your work and educational backgrounds.

ChantryEdu.  is excellently placed to assist you in the degree selection process given our detailed understanding of the UK education system and business schools.  Our team  is well informed and well trained in providing the best, and most impartial, guidance on the degrees you are interested in.

Presence in Indonesia and the UK

We have a representative office in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  This enables us to have lengthy face-to-face meetings with you.

We will discuss with you in detail the opportunities that UK universities offer through distance learning provision and how best to select a programme specific to your educational needs.  We will also provide you with personal guidance on the application process and enhance your prospects of having an application accepted.

We will also be very happy to assist you with any communication issues you might have during your degree.

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